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Zeitgeist (Album)

Mono Void’s ‘Zeitgeist’: The Sonic Echo of Black Mirror’s Dystopias

With ‘Zeitgeist’, a new chapter opens in the book of Mono Void’s post (apocalyptic) punk. Mono Void float between problems of the near future and the next habitable planet. Not only the album’s brevity is a concession to our zeitgeist. It is a sonic equivalent to the dystopian stories told in the ‘Black Mirror’ TV series.

With this album Mono Void have found their own shade of black. Post-Apocalyptic-Punk, with a pinch of Shoegaze, Industrial and Synthwave. Waves of guitars break against cliffs of drums and synthesizers. Bass guitar rumbling all out of gridlock. Vocals that can be both haunting and chasing. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Slade Templeton (Crying Vessel, Dead Astronauts) at Influx-Studios in Bern.

The following paragraphs will journey through the album’s songs, exploring their diverse themes and stories.

Passive Aggressive

Passive aggressions slumber within all of us. If we aren’t careful, they corrode us from within until the facade collapses. The toxicity of this state escalates consistently in both the lyrics and the composition itself. A dangerous, smouldering fire. A Cybergoth leans against the bar in the flickering dim light of a saloon, playing with their empty whiskey glass. This is the sound of ‘Passive Aggressive’.


In this song, Mono Void attempt to feel the pulse of our time. The pulse is racing. The sensory overload and the pace are sometimes exhilarating, sometimes paralyzing. Our increasing impatience fuels our consumption. Space, tranquillity, energy, and time for creativity must be fought for. No one has time to view things from multiple perspectives anymore. When we only have the capacity for one reality, populism prevails.

Uncanny Valley

While an abstract robot may appear cute, the more human-like it becomes, it drops from cute to uncanny. This phenomenon is known as the ‘Uncanny Valley’ effect. This song delves into the theme of love between a human and artificial intelligence, addressing the inner conflict of balancing affection and repulsion. Will love ultimately triumph? Let’s hold onto hope and dream a bridge across the uncanny valley for our protagonists.

Epiphany, Dubious Luck, Somebody

The remaining three songs, ‘Epiphany’, ‘Dubious Luck’ and ‘Somebody’ are further reflections on aspects of our zeitgeist. ‘Epiphany’ is about indecisiveness, lack of inspiration and a dangerous indifference. ‘Dubious luck’ tells of boredom, and the effects of lacking reference and reverence. ‘Somebody’ reflects the naiveté of artists, expecting everyone is eagerly awaiting their entrance to help them along the way to their breakthrough.