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With ‘Zeitgeist’, a new chapter opens in the book of Mono Void’s post (apocalyptic) punk. Mono Void float between problems of the near future and the next habitable planet. Not only the album’s brevity is a concession to our zeitgeist. It is a sonic equivalent to the dystopian stories told in the ‘Black Mirror’ TV series.

With this album Mono Void have found their own shade of black. Post-Apocalyptic-Punk, with a pinch of Shoegaze, Industrial and Synthwave. Waves of guitars break against cliffs of drums and synthesizers. Bass guitar rumbling all out of gridlock. Vocals that can be both haunting and chasing. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Slade Templeton (Crying Vessel, Dead Astronauts) at Influx-Studios in Bern.

Mono Void took shape through long nights of live performances in underground clubs in Zurich under a different name. Through extended jams and experimentation over a decade, the trio moulded their individual background into a unique, coherent style.